How to Set a Fitness Regime and Stick to It 

10 May

We’ve all been guilty of setting out a detailed and ambitious fitness regime to get into shape and lose weight, only for it all to fall throw within the first week or so. Even the best intentions can go awry, but sometimes you might be setting yourself up for failure, so I’ve put together a few tips and tricks that should help you to set a fitness regime and then, most importantly, stick to it. 

Set Actions as Goals, Not Results 

If you’ve decided to make the commitment of starting a new fitness regime, then you probably have some sort of endgame in sight whether that’s weight loss or muscle gain. While you might have a clear image of what you want to achieve at the end of your journey, you should try not to set specific goals based around these results, like “lose 5lbs this week”. Setting results as your goals will set yourself up for severe disappointment if you’re ever short of these goals, which can break your motivation to continue you with your regime.  

You should instead set goals that are based on the actual actions involved in your routine, as these are much more tangible and achievable. Goals like “Run a mile a day” or “Spend 30 mins on the rowing machine” will help you to feel like you are achieving what you set out to do, without getting too bogged down in the numbers. 

Gamify Your Workout 

Gamification is becoming a bigger and bigger deal for lots of areas of our lives. Setting goals, rewards and achievements for day to day tasks is a great way to keep yourself motivated and on the road of progression. There are lots of apps out there that can help you with gamifying your fitness regime, but you can always fall back on the tried and tested points board with rewards for when you accrue a certain number of points. Think back to the chore boards and gold stars lots of us had when we were young, and you have the right sort of idea. 

Be Realistic 

While it can sometimes be good to aim high and set some lofty goals for yourself, it can also lead to disappointment and a lack of satisfying progress which can derail your fitness plan entirely. Instead of shooting for the moon, you should set high, but realistic, targets that will make you push yourself, but still be achievable. I have been guilty myself of setting far too high expectations for attending the gym or working out at home, and as soon as I don’t deliver it can knock my motivation way off. Setting realistic, achievable targets is the road to success and a happier experience along the way. 

Use a Buddy 

If you have a friend or partner that is looking to improve their health and fitness, then it’s always a good idea to rope them into your fitness regime as well. Social fitness can help to make the experience more enjoyable, while also giving yourself a realistic counterpart to measure your progress again. Having a fitness buddy will also add some much-needed social pressure that can help you to keep on plan and avoid falling off the wagon. That social pressure is one of the reasons why social dieting clubs seem to have so much success. 

Enjoy Yourself 

Most importantly out of absolutely everything is that you remember to enjoy yourself. Find a path to fitness that incorporates doing the things that you enjoy and try your best to not see your regime as a chore. Successful fitness is all about establishing a change in lifestyle, and there’s no point doing that with things that you hate since you’ll only be setting yourself up for failure and unhappiness. Who needs that? So, just take a look at the things that you enjoy doing and find a way to work them into your fitness regime. 

By following this advice, you should find that you stick more closely to your regime and achieve greater results, all while feeling happier in the process. If you’re looking to get some new equipment to help you on your journey, then I recommend taking a look around online to see what deals you can find. I’ve been able to find discounts and savings with Groupon for fitness and health. Have a look and see what you can get. 

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